Unisex Mutewatch Touch Screen Alarm Watch

DISPLAY:- LED display at 100 Hz rate- Capacitive and easy-to-use touchscreen- Automatic adaptation to the surrounding light intensity for optimal glowMODEL & DIMENSIONS:THE ONE SIZE ADJUSTABLE WRISTBAND- Total weight: 40 grams- Minimum wrist size: 14 cm- Maximum wrist size: 18.5 cm- Bracelet width: 25.4 mm- Bracelet thickness: 12.5 mmBATTERY & POWER:ENERGY MANAGEMENT- 3-4 days of operation, depending on usage- Device warns when battery level is low (by showing “BATT”)- 2 hours charging (from USB port) refills battery- Enters into hibernation mode when battery is too low- 1 week without usage automatically sets device in hibernation mode- Plug device in USB port to awaken from hibernation mode- Device arrives in hibernation modeMOTION SENSOR:DETECTION OF YOUR MOTION- High levels of movement trigger an increase in the intensity of the vibrating alarm- A simple flick of the wrist activates the glowing displaySOFTWARE:UPGRADE AND MOVE ON- The Mutewatch's USB connector will allow for future firmware updates, ensuring the Mutewatch is adaptable and futureproofCONNECTIVITY:VERSATILE- Connect via built in USB port to chargePRODUCT CARE: GIVE A LITTLE LOVE- Hand wash- Protect from strongly colouring substances (for example: soy sauce, tomato, jeans)
£ 199.00

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