Breitling Bentley Supersports B55 Connected Titanium Men's Watch

Launched to celebrate the Bentley Continental Supersports, this limited edition Breitling For Bentley Supersports B55 Connected titanium chronograph men’s watch shows off powerful and sporty style with its titanium casing and carbon dial.Artfully designed and engineered, Breitling for Bentley watches house exceptional engines in beautiful bodywork. Fastened with a black resin rubber strap, this impressive timepiece features a 46mm titanium case.Protected by sapphire crystal glass, the black carbon dial features an analogue and digital 12/24 hour LC backlit display. Thanks to a new philosophy, where the smartphone supports the clock and not vice versa, the carrier comes with certain settings like transmitting time measurements from the chronograph to the phone, and reading messages from the phone on the chronograph. The two extremely easy-to-read liquid crystal displays have a backlight that can be activated by pressing the crown or rotating the wrist.Water resistant to 100m and powered by the in-house Smartkaliber B55, a SuperQuartz movement, this outstanding watch is performance-orientated and a perfect tribute to the fastest ever built Bentley Continental. EB552022/BF47 285S+E20DSA.4
£ 6 430.00

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