Maple Leaf Diamonds 18ct White Gold Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Exclusive to Beaverbrooks, this stunning Maple Leaf Diamonds 18ct white gold diamond solitaire engagement ring has a timeless style that is perfect for when you say forever.  The ultimate symbol of true love and eternal commitment, this unique Maple Leaf Diamond was formed deep within the heart of the Canadian North over 3 billion years ago, emerging as a beautiful one-of-a-kind treasure.  Laser-inscribed with a distinct Maple Leaf insignia and a unique tracking number that guarantees its Canadian origin, this beautiful brilliant cut diamond is perfectly matched with an 18ct PureWhite Gold band, a unique mix of Canadian Certified Gold and palladium which creates a bright white colour.  Showcasing superior craftsmanship and elegant design, this beautiful diamond solitaire engagement ring is as breathtaking as the majestic ice fields of Canada's great white north.  Diamond information: Cut - round brilliant, Colour - G, Clarity - SI1, Carat weight - 0.33ct
£ 1 950.00

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